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Township Supervisor

I have been serving as a Montgomery Township Supervisor since 2010 when I was elected as the 1st WOMAN EVER to serve on the board. I have proudly represented our residents and have made every decision with my heart--always what's best for the place we all LOVE and call HOME. I have served as board liaison to The Planning Commission, Autumn Fest, Finance Committee and Business Development Partnership. I was one of the loudest voices in support of Wegmans, and the improvement they made to the mall. I will be a strong voice in the much needed re-development of the mall, as well as filling many empty businesses throughout the township. I was the loudest voice to spend the extra money at the community and rec center for the accessible playground. It was important that with our many parks, we have one for all children. We are adding more accessible playspaces to our other parks too. I also was involved in the long awaited Higher Rocks/WAWA project. We said no to many projects proposed for that site for many years, until WAWA decided to make a home here. Many people have publicly thanked me for my help in getting us a gas station going southbound on Rt 309. It has become a convenience for all.

As a local Realtor for over 25 years, I have always encouraged people to buy a home here because we are such a diverse community with so much for everyone to do. Our diversity and kindness truly makes this a wonderful place to live.

I look forward to continuing my role as a strong woman speaking for all of our residents.