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I honorably served in the US Air Force and have a BA in Business Management from Moravian College, a BS in Computer Science from Penn State University, and a MS in Business Administration from Central Michigan University.
I have been a resident of Montgomery Township for 21 years, and previously lived in Hatfield Township for 3 years. My daughter and son-in-law graduated from North Penn High School. I have three grandchildren in North Penn schools.
During my career I designed, developed, and implemented computer systems for major corporations including GE Aerospace, GE Astrospace, Smith Kline, Wyeth, Aetna, and Independence Blue Cross.
My business experience includes writing business proposals, business analysis, project planning, project management, and team leadership.
I donate blood regularly, have donated bone marrow, taught Sunday school, spend several days a week cleaning our parks and neighborhoods, coached girls basketball, and worked at the St. Stanislaus festival.
These are the qualifications I will use to work with our community. With community involvement, we will make North Penn schools a place where our children will succeed, and our community will talk about with pride. 
What would your main goals or priorities be as a school board member 
The 2021 North Penn Neighbors for Progress team will work to fulfilling the educational, social, safety and emotional needs of our children. We will do this in a fiscally responsible manner. 
I am an endorsed candidate for the North Penn School Board, and a veteran dedicated to further serving our community. I have attended most of our school board meetings even before being elected in 2019, in order to be prepared to serve. I spend a lot of time listening to parents and taxpayers because I value their input and will incorporate their ideas into school board policy decisions.
As a part of the 2021 North Penn Neighbors for Progress team, we are committed to communicate honestly, openly, and effectively with the parents, teachers, administrators, and taxpayers in our community. This communication will help us improve our Facility Plan and other priorities. It takes years to plan, design, develop, and implement fiscally responsible property management. That is why the current North Penn Neighbors for Progress team developed and maintains North Penn School District first ever 10-Year Comprehensive Facility Plan. 
Explain any problems you see with, or changes you would make to, the state of the district now?
The 2021 North Penn Neighbors for Progress team will be accountable to the parents, teachers, administrators, and taxpayers in our community. We must balance the needs of each of these groups to reach a strategic, fiscally responsible consensus. 
Our team will continue to invest in proactive programs to improve school climate and encourage a robust “see something say something” program. We will further strengthen the district’s partnership with first responders, while ensuring that North Penn uses evidence based decision making to ensure that we protect students with the best practices in school safety. We will not spend taxpayer dollars on reactive, wasteful “improvements” that, in reality, only create a false sense of security. We will continue to expand how our police partners randomly patrol every school on a daily basis and increase their presence before, during, and after school hours.
Out of over twenty districts, North Penn has the fifth lowest school tax rate in the county. This is both a blessing and a curse. As a taxpayer, I appreciate low taxes. Yet, the problem is that we did not invest enough in our school infrastructure. Past school boards’ leadership only addressed critical issues as they occurred, without developing a strategic plan for improvements. A good example of this is that instead of properly renovating schools, we bought “temporary” trailer classrooms. These deteriorating “temporary” classrooms have been used for decades. With no long term planning or budgeting to replace these units that have outlived their purpose, students and staff suffer, while taxpayers now pay for past “savings.” In one year, North Penn Neighbors for Progress created a ten year plan to address this and dozens of other priorities. 
Our team will continue to work with our community, to improve North Penn schools, in a fiscally responsible manner.