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Jonathan and Cathy Kassa, married for over 22 years, are proud residents of Montgomery Township since 2001.They have raised two children in the North Penn School District, run a small business, volunteered in community organizations and developed a passion for public service. Jonathan graduated from Penn State University with an undergraduate degree in History, and earned a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Villanova University where he served as an adjunct instructor and as Emeritus MPA Department Advisory Board member. He is also a board member of Network of Victim Assistance (NOVA) Bucks County. 

Jonathan was a senior executive who directed juvenile justice, social service and education programs at a multi-state nonprofit organization. Now, for over the past decade, Jonathan has led national initiatives to increase campus community safety and victim advocacy. He most recently partnered with other national experts to found a company that leverages technology to increase equity and transform accountability and efficiencies in campus crime reporting. Previously he served as a national director at North America’s largest security services provider. As executive director of a national nonprofit dedicated to safer campuses that influenced major legislation, he was entered as a “valuable leader in campus safety” in the 2008 (HR) Congressional Record. 

Jonathan serves as a Director on the North Penn School District Board where he serves as Chair of the Facilities & Operations and Safe Schools committees. He has led transformative initiatives in comprehensive school safety strategies, innovative tax-payer relief for seniors, full-day kindergarten, and investments to improve the climate of learning and quality of facilities across the district. He has been a leader for transparency and genuine engagement with all members of the community by having board meetings and forums in the communities where people reside and increasing board accessibility.

Jonathan has shown not only the ability to win, but the ability to get things done and be accountable once an election is over. 

Working in such professional and volunteer capacities prepared Jonathan for the challenging give and take of public service. In every endeavor Jonathan has undertaken, every effort to improve life locally and in the wider world, he has learned one fundamental lesson about building consensus: common sense is not political.