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Commissioner Ward - 4

I am running for Township Commissioner, because I feel I can better represent the values of the residents of Hatfield Township. Most of my neighbors, rightfully so, are alarmed by all the new development in the township. It seems as though the politicians elected to represent us on the Board of Commissioners do not share our values or our concerns. I promise to serve the people of Hatfield, not the special interest groups.

As Commissioner, I will have 3 major initiatives: 1) Open Spaces, 2) Public Safety, and 3) Smart Development. My Open Spaces initiative will aim to reserve and preserve open spaces for parks, walking/running trails, and nature preserves. My Public Safety initiative will aim to make our streets safer for walkers, runners, and bikers, especially in the neighborhoods where our children play. I will also work to make sure that our police department has the tools and training they need to make sure everyone goes home safely after their shifts. Finally, my Smart Development initiative will encourage development that will provide benefits to the residents of Hatfield, and protect against the consequences of overdevelopment.

I moved to the Hatfield area in 2012 and fell in love with this place. In 2014, along with my girlfriend, we bought a townhouse on Jean Dr. and turned our house into a home. My Business education and technology career background are not typical of a career politician, but will make me an effective township Commissioner and representative of Ward 4. If I am fortunate enough to get elect, I will use my position to serve my neighbors and Build a Better Hatfield.