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Constitutional Amendment

Commissioner Ward - 4

Born in the suburbs outside Chicago, Donald moved with his family to northern Indiana in 1990. Here is where he grew up, built lasting relationships, developed life-long values. One of four children, including his identical twin brother (David), Donald and his siblings were raised by their mother (Bonnie) and father (Donald). Donald’s father was a well-respected Podiatrist in South Bend, In., and his mother was a stay-at-home mom for most of his childhood. The two of them instilled in him the values of hard-work, education, family.

After graduating high school, enticed by the opportunity for economic freedom from his parents, Donald sought out full-time employment, instead of immediately pursuing higher education. Surrounded by manufacturing towns, Donald found meaningful employment in a steel parts factory. Later, he would find work in the fast paced RV and manufactured homes industry. This industry was dominant in northern Indiana and provided many well-paying jobs in the region. This work experience gave Donald an understanding of what it was like to make a living in the manufacturing field.

With his new job resume and steady income, it did not take Donald long to be convinced by his mother that more opportunities might be available with a college degree. Not wanting to give up his full-time work, Donald enrolled in Ivy Tech Community College on a part-time basis to work on an Associate Degree in Business Administration. While working on his associate’s degree, Donald transitioned from the grueling tasks of the factory, to the more demanding, but less labor intensive work of customer service and sales. These jobs, together, enabled Donald to purchase his first home when he was 26 years old.

Several years later, near graduation, an economic reality hit Donald just as hard as it hit the rest of the world: The Great Recession. By early 2009, Donald had been laid off from his customer service job, his mortgage was under water, and his economic prospects were washed up. Instead of fighting for the limited number of jobs that were available, Donald decided to go back to school full time. He quickly finished the last couple of classes for his associate’s degree, took out student loan debt, and enrolled in Indiana University South Bend (IUSB), whose campus was right down the street from his home. The Great Recession offered many lessons for Donald: Jobs and incomes are never guaranteed; Investments, like mortgages, can crash as fast as they can grow; and taking on more debt is sometimes the best way to survive.

At IUSB, Donald would pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Business with a concentration in Management of Information Systems. Donald also took as many Political Science courses as he could, and got involved with The American Democracy Project on campus, to try and get a better understanding of the political events that he experienced in his lifetime: terrorism, perpetual war, economic catastrophes, and why the political class seemed so out-of-touch with the ones they promised to serve. The lessons Donald learned from his own experiences would guide his political ambitions.

Not to be deterred by the pressures of his new situation, Donald pressed on. In December of 2011 he received his Bachelor’s degree, and moved to Hatfield, PA to work for The Clemens Food Group in their Information Technology (IT) Department. After a spending several years in what appeared to be a dead-end IT career, Donald started pursuing new opportunities. First, he enrolled in DeSales University in pursuit of a Master’s degree in Business Administrations (MBA), and second, he took on a new career In Siemens’s Building Automation Division. Donald is currently working as a Commissioning Technician at Siemens, a career he finds rewarding and lucrative, and he will graduate with his MBA in December 2021.

Shortly after Donald moved over 600 miles from the Midwest to the East Coast, he met the love of his life, Pamela. Their relationship was strengthened by their mutual love for live music, cooking, traveling, and their positive outlook on life. After a couple years of steady dating, they purchased a home in Hatfield Township, and along with their dog (Myrah), moved in together. Today their love is as strong as ever, and their life in Hatfield Township feels complete…well, almost.

 Not forgetting the lessons from his younger years, and the economic burdens he experienced, Donald wanted to get more involved in his community. The best way to serve, he thought, would be to represent his neighbors in their local government. It was never the power and notoriety of politics that enticed him, but the ability to serve others, especially when it could make a real difference. Realizing the seat of his ward’s commissioner was up for election in 2021, Donald decided the time was right to get involved. At the beginning of the year he declared his intent to run for Hatfield Township Ward 4 Commissioner. Immediately, Donald received support from his family, friends, and neighbors.

As a Commissioner, Donald will represent his ward to reflect the values and spirit of the community. While Donald believes Hatfield Township is one of the best places in Pennsylvania to live, he understands there is more work to be done to improve our township. He believes that there are ways to make our neighborhoods safer, our open spaces more abundant and usable, our streets less hazardous, and our community more family friendly. Donald promises to serve the best interests of the residents of Hatfield Township, and not those of special interest groups. Donald’s goal as Hatfield Township Ward 4 Commissioner, if he’s fortunate enough to get elected, is to Build a Better Hatfield!